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The city of Ormond Beach in Volusia County is located on the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River lagoon. It is a great destination for everybody who loves nice beaches, green golf courses and relaxation. You can enjoy every kind of water activity and cultural events through the whole year.

Not to forget the superb restaurants and bars, which makes it a perfect location for night owls and families with kids. For this reasons many people choose Ormond Beach as a primary location or vacation destination.

If you would be interested to buy real estate in Ormond Beach or to get a vacation property in Florida, I would be glad to support you with my knowledge as a real estate sales agent. I know the area around Ormond Beach since years, because I live and work here and enjoy every day in this awesome region.

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The area around Ormond Beach is a favorite location for property buyers worldwide. I would love to help you in the process of buying real estate in a safe and confident way. Have a look at the property listings below and contact me if you have any questions regarding your dream-property in Florida!

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